UKTAS (International Congress Centre Facilities Management Inc.) was founded in 1993 in order to develop the congress sector and maintain the hospitality services within Turkey, began managing the Istanbul Lutfi Kirdar International Congress and Exhibition Centre – ICEC in 1996 and onwards.

UKTAS was established to serve the field of congress tourism with the cooperation of both public and private sectors to produce business and services and to perform all kinds of commercial, economic and technical activities required within these services.

UKTAS has 142 shareholders including Republic of Turkey Ministry of Culture and Tourism, TURSAV(Tourism&Travel Agencies Foundation) and TURSAB(Association of Turkish Travel Agencies) and other leading companies of the sector.


Firuz Barbaros BAGLIKAYA – Chairman of the Executive Board

Bahattin YÜCEL – Vice President of the Executive Board

Selçuk BOYNUEGRI – Vice President of the Executive Board

Hıfzı Ali GÜRELİ – Vice Chairman of the Executive Board

Cengiz KORKMAZ – Vice Chairman of the Executive Board

Bahadır YAŞİK – Executive Board Member

Saltuk Buğra EKİNCİ – Executive Board Member

Coşkun YILMAZ – Executive Board Member

Oğuz SATICI – Executive Board Member

Hasan EKER – Executive Board Member