Rumeli Fair & Exhibition Hall

With an exhibition area of 7000 square metres on two floors, the Rumeli Hall provides a huge boost to the overall capacity of the centre as well as giving Istanbul a new centrally located fair venue. Having its own separate entrance, Rumeli can be used as a stand-alone venue or in tandem with the main building to which is linked by a second entrance.

Rumeli Upper Level

The Rumeli Hall upper level with its high ceiling, easy access to guests and exhibitors and natural light is a peerless fair, wedding and exhibition space. The hall is fully equipped with all the technical equipment needed for any type of event. Rumeli top floor; can be divided into A, B, C, D in the ballroom arrangement in the arm without a colony and it can host giant banquets with a total area of 4000 square metres.

There is an ideal backstage area, backstage, translation rooms and small meeting rooms.

Rumeli Lower Floor

The lower level can be used in conjunction with the upper level to provide more exhibition space or another additional functions, such as, concerts, fairs.

As it has its own entrance for guests and exhibitors it can also be used as a venue in its own right. The columns can act as natural dividers for exhibition areas.

Hisar Hall

With its daylight and disabled access, Hisar Salonu is used as an alternative venue for all your events, providing you with the opportunity to see the Rumeli Hall through its automatic shutters. Special seats, trainings and product launches are held at this salonda with separate entrance and garden view.