Main Building

The main building offers its guests many opportunities for all kinds of events with it's wide and day-light salons and foyers, exhibition and banquet areas. 

Anadolu Auditorium has the capacity to host all kinds of organizations by combining divisible meeting rooms and foyers with the facilities provided by advanced technology.

Borsa Restaurant, one of Istanbul's finest Turkish A la carte Restaurant is also located in the main building.

Anadolu Auditorium

The Anadolu Auditorium is literally and metaphorically at the heart of the main building. The two-tier theatre-style layout can be accessed through 12 entrances on three separate floors of the main building. It is a purpose-built auditorium with a full back-stage area.

The unique combination of advanced acoustics, “shell scheme” stage forming, black presentation screen,  Dolby digital surround system, Simultaneous cabinet to be translated into 32 languages, state-of-the-art technical equipment, and lighting make it the venue of choice for any kind of stage event held in Turkey.

The Anadolu Auditorium is in continuous use for many different kinds of events from concerts, film premiers and musicals to recitals of classical music and meetings of world leaders.

In addition to being an ideal salon for intensive participatory training, meetings and workshops, it can be passed to the classroom with tables specially designed for demand.



Possessing advanced technical equipment and a private foyer, the Marmara, with its eye-dazzling view and impressive décor, is a hall in which privileged meetings and social functions can be held.

Dolmabahçe A, B, C

All three Dolmabahçe rooms A, B and C have a wonderful view down on the Bosphorous and across Istanbul. The rooms are divided by removable soundproof separators and can be used singularly or together depending on your needs. Along with their ample foyer space Dolmabahçe A, B and C are used for medium sized events or workshops or meetings or as part of a larger event in the building.

Topkapı A, B

The Topkapı Room is built to be divided with ease into two entirely soundproof units, Topkapı A and B. This allows the space to be used for two simultaneous activities. The room has a full array of technical equipment (lighting, sound, system, simultaneous translation equipment) making it an ideal venue for many types of event.


The Haliç Hall receives daylight thanks to its floor-length windows. Decorated minimally, it embraces a view of the Bosphorus over the Open Air Theater…


Galata,  is the ideal space for press conferences, presentations and lectures.

Levent 1, 2, 3, 4

Located on the top floor of the building, the  Levent meeting rooms are ideally suited for executive board meetings, training sessions and workshops. With its minimalist design and day light the rooms can be used for small meetings. The layout of the rooms are fixed and they can not be altered

Barbaros 1, 2, 3

Ideal for small workshops, interviews and training sessions, the seatings of the three simple modern Barbaros meeting rooms are shaped like a block table.

Fatih 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6

The Fatih rooms are 6 rooms and they are used as VIP rooms which have bathroom and shower facilities that are connected to the Anadolu Auditorium hall which field with daylight.

Sultan 1, 2, 3

Three Sultan Saloons with different seating capacities are designed for medium sized meetings. Sultan rooms are also used as offices during the event.