Istanbul and Congress Valley


Istanbul is a world city which connects Europe and Asia. The settlement date of Istanbul extends back to 300.000 years while it's urban date goes back to 3.000 years. Through the ages, the city has hosted various civilizations and cultures while preserving it's cosmopolitan structure, harbouring many religions, languages and ethnic origins which have lived together for centuries. Istanbul is one of the rare sites in the world that has succeeded in being the center in every area for long periods of time and it is a world capital from the past to the current day.

Istanbul which brings both the continents together is also one of the world's biggest congress cities with it's own wealth of history and nature, an international centre of arts and culture, its accessibility, alternatives of accommodation, professional services, price policies and the quality of it's convention centres.

As a congress, meeting and event venue, Istanbul Lutfi Kirdar International Convention and Exhibition Centre - ICEC, has become a center for all kinds of national and international invites and continues to provide services in the Congress Valley by hosting many national and international events worthy of Istanbul's brand value.

Another factor of Istanbul's success is the easy access from anywhere around the world. With the opening of the Istanbul Grand Airport, there is more than 300 direct flights now between Istanbul and the five continents which provide an easy access to the city.