Anadolu Auditorium

The heart of the Main Building is the Anadolu Auditorium, which has hosted international mega-events and world leaders many times over. With a seating capacity of 2,000 in its upper and lower parterres, 12 separate entrances, orchestra pit, black drapery, two balconies, backstage rooms, VIP rooms and advanced sound and lighting systems like Dolby Digital Surround, the auditorium plays the leading role in unforgettable events ranging from international conventions to national conferences and from concerts to premieres…

With a stage wide enough that you could hold the launch of a car on it, its classroom-style arrangement, delegate microphones and electronic voting system, special stage structure, superb seating layout provided by the auditorium layout, spacious foyer areas surrounding the hall and fantastic appearance, the Anadolu Auditorium is the choicest address for mega-events and it waits for you to make your voice heard all around the world.


You might use the foyer for pleasant coffee breaks if you wish, or you could use it as an exhibition area. With its abundant daylight and spacious area, it is perfect for your needs.


Those who choose the Istanbul Convention and Exhibition Centre, which boasts three backstage rooms as well as showering and resting facilities, feel the difference of privileged service when they are yet backstage.

Backstage Backstage Entrance 3.00m x 2.80m
Three Changing Room 9m
Stage Depth
Total Area 300 m2
Moving Stage Area
(Orchestra Pit)
Height 1.10m
Max. Weight 20t.
Technical Details
Moveable stage mechanics formed with 3 (three) main parts
24 meter long manual rods, 17 pieces. Suspendable from 7 different points
24 meter long motor-driven rods, 8 pieces. Suspendable from 7 different points
4 piece stage side railed light suspend rod
24m. lenght 10m height motor-driven stage main curtain. (2 pieces blue)
24m lenght 10m height motor-driven stage interval curtain (2 pieces black)
24m lenght 10m height manual stage background curtain (2 pieces black)
9.15m height 2.70 width side background curtain (6 pieces black)
5 pieces cat cable and 5 pieces BNC cable between technical desk and stage for image transport
48 channel sound cable between technical desk and stage for sound transport
Intercom line between technical desk and stage for communication
6x13 meter motor-driven visual screen