The “Boğaziçi Borsa” Restaurant unites the unique Bosphorus view of Istanbul Lütfi Kırdar - ICEC with the flavors of the Turkish & world cuisines and renders its services to the guests for 7 days. 

The “Boğaziçi Borsa” Restaurant, established in 1950 in the leadership of gastronomy experts, is a member of "Chaine Des Rotisseurs", the “French Gastronomy Association Rotisseurs Chain Organization” that carries on its business in 126 countries with 85.000 registered members.  

It has been awarded many prizes by international authorities since the day its establishment.

The “Boğaziçi Borsa” Restaurant renders its services between the hours of 12:00 - 24:00 in its indoor and outdoor facilities for 250 guests.

The building has been planned to provide easy and convenient access to the all areas for guests with disabilities.