Istanbul Lütfi Kırdar - ICEC follows up the developing technologies and updates the state-of-the-art-technology. Istanbul Lütfi Kırdar - ICEC has the most extensive variety of sound, light and image technological infrastructure in Turkey and it has been equipped by the best brands in their categories.  

The professional staff is very experienced and offers constructive solutions.

Anadolu Auditorium has been calibrated acoustically by Dolby Labs and it is the only hall with Dolby Digital Surround System in Turkey.

The sound and imaging infrastructure of the Anadolu Auditorium, designed entirely with fiber optic and digital, has the state-of-the-art technological stereoscopic active imaging system.      

In the hall, designed with a stereo simultaneous system, translation services can be rendered in 32 languages at the same time.

There are fixed projection screens in the Anadolu Auditorium, Topkapı and Marmara Halls and the projection screens can also be customized in all the other halls.

Besides the Anadolu Auditorium, there are fixed technical and simultaneous translation cabins in the Rumeli, Topkapı and Marmara Halls.  

The technical and audiovisual equipment is maintained to the highest standards and is continuously upgraded.

Imaging Systems:

A wide range of projection tools in 3,000 – 20.000 ANSI lumen and 1024 x 768 - 1920 x 1200 pixels

3D projection systems

"Widescreen" projection systems

Professional  LCD screens - 24 - 65"

“Webcast” - Web TV service

Video conferencing systems

Camera and stage management systems

Video and media “server” systems

Professional imaging processing systems

Sound Systems:

“Line Array” and standard sound systems

Digital and analog sound tables

“Dolby Digital Surround” movie sound system

Digital 32 channels simultaneous translation system

Audio distribution systems

Multi-channel recording systems up to 48 channels

Lighting Systems:

Conventional lighting systems

Smart lighting systems

Lighting stands


Istanbul Lütfi Kırdar - ICEC is the first convention center in Turkey and has acquired the principle of being the leading center for information technologies and technical infrastructure services. It implements the innovations with its experienced staff and serves these for its customers.   

Internet cable and wireless access can be provided and the infrastructure of the wireless internet access can be expanded during the organizations according to the number of the organizers’ needs.   

The network connection of GB speed and higher bandwidths can be provided by using fibre optic cable. VPN connection, telephone and fax line support are also provided, if requested.

Besides, water and air support can be provided up to 6 bars to the stands in the exhibition hall.

Catering services within Istanbul Lütfi Kırdar - ICEC are provided by the “Boğaziçi Borsa” Restaurant.

The “Boğaziçi Borsa” Restaurant, rendering its services for 15 thousand guests with extensive menu choices by special recipes from traditional Turkish cuisine and rich alternatives from all over the world, provides exclusive services for the customers.


Istanbul Lütfi Kırdar - ICEC performs its services with specially trained, certified and experienced security staff.  Additional security staff and VIP security services can also be provided for the exhibition stands, if any guests so please.   



Istanbul Lütfi Kırdar - ICEC renders its services inner and outdoor cleaning for the halls within the framework of hygiene conditions and rules. Moreover, it offers special cleaning services using environmentally-sensitive equipment and chemical materials with certified products for the exhibition stands.



Istanbul Lütfi Kırdar - ICEC renders its services with its experienced “host-hostess” team, who are able to speak foreign languages.



There is a first aid room available in Istanbul Lütfi Kırdar - ICEC, which offers doctor, nurse and ambulance services.



Internet connection, photocopying, printing, scanning and fax facilities are available which meets the printing needs during the organizations.